We sell produce and deliver throughout NSW including Oberon, Bathurst Katoomba & Orange

We sell produce and deliver throughout NSW including Oberon, Bathurst Katoomba & Orange

We stock a large range of produce and animal husbandry products and we delivery to many locations. If you can't see your location listed, just give us a call or message us. We will do our best to get the goods to you!. We deliver to all surrounding locations from Bathust to Oberon, Katoomba and Lithgow plus many more!

Our produce product ranges include stock feed like, Lucerne Pony Stud Mix, Salt licks, Shell Grit  and more.

We have quite a few brands of produce including:

Airrs Produce

Airr, standing for Australian Independent Rural Retailers, was established to empower local independent rural retailers across Australia. At the heart of country Australia, these locally owned and operated stores are vital to their communities, offering personalised service and a deep understanding of local needs.

With a network of over 250 independent members nationwide, Airr harnesses collective buying power to compete with larger, overseas-owned corporations. This unique approach ensures that each member retains their independence, offering a diverse range of products tailored to local markets. They provide flexible solutions to meet the needs of all their clients, with a familiar and personal touch that local communities cherish.

Whether it's for farmers, growers, producers, pet, or horse owners, your local Airr retailer is the go-to destination. They offer an extensive selection of top brands in animal health, crop protection, fencing, electric fencing, farm management, water systems, and products for pets, equine, and poultry. Airr represents the ultimate one-stop shop for the agricultural community across Australia, demonstrating the strength and value of supporting local, independent retailing. 

Castlereagh Feeds

Castlereagh Feeds is a family run business who keep a close eye on how they make their animal feed to make sure everything is top-notch. What the label says is exactly what's in the feed, so animals get the same good food every time.

They don't overdo it with processing which means they keep the food as close to nature as possible, which is better for the animals' digestion and helps them get all the good stuff out of their food.

The people at Castlereagh are all about using natural ingredients. They pick the best grains and other ingredients from Australia to make sure animals and birds are eating healthily. They believe that what animals eat affects their health, just like with people.

They also add special vitamins and minerals to their feed to make up for what might be missing in the animals' regular diet, helping them stay strong and lively. Plus, they've got a special ingredient that makes the feed taste better and stay fresh longer, which is great for picky eaters.

Castlereagh's feed is safe for all animals because it's vegetarian and doesn't have any animal by-products. This means if animals find their way into where the feed is kept, they won't get sick.

Choosing Castlereagh Feeds means picking a feed that's all about keeping animals happy and healthy with natural and nutritious food.


We deliver! We are happy to arrange delivery for you throughout NSW and beyond. Contact us for a delivery quote.


We will arrange delivery for you to Oberon, Bathurst, Katoomba and Orange and beyond! All products, just give us a call to discuss your needs for a custom quotation and delivery options. 






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