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Rotech Rural: Your Trusted Rural Fencing Supply Company

Rotech Rural understands the importance of reliable and durable fencing solutions for your rural property. As a leading supplier of rural fencing products, they take pride in offering high-quality materials and exceptional customer service. With years of experience in the industry, they are committed to helping you find the perfect fencing solution to meet your needs.

Extensive Product Range:

Rotech Rural offers a comprehensive range of fencing products designed to cater to the unique requirements of rural properties. Whether you need to secure your livestock, protect your crops, or establish boundary lines, they have the right solution for you. Products include

  1. Farm Fencing: A variety of farm fencing options, including plain wire, barbed wire, and hinge joint fencing. These fencing solutions are designed to provide maximum security and durability, ensuring the safety of your livestock and keeping unwanted animals out.

  2. Electric Fencing: Electric fencing systems are ideal for both temporary and permanent applications. With innovative technology and high-quality components, our electric fences offer effective deterrence, helping you protect your property and animals from intruders.

  3. Post and Rail Fencing: If you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing and functional fencing solution, our post and rail fences are the perfect choice. Whether you want to enclose a horse paddock or create a beautiful rural boundary, our post and rail fencing offers durability, strength, and a classic appeal.

  4. Wire Netting: The wire netting products are versatile and suitable for various applications, including poultry enclosures, garden protection, and vermin exclusion. With different mesh sizes and gauges available, you can find the ideal wire netting for your specific needs.

  5. Rural Gates: To complement the fencing products, there is a a wide range of rural gates designed for easy access and enhanced security. Whether you require a standard farm gate, a cattle yard gate, or a custom-made gate, we have options to suit every requirement.

  6. Fencing Accessories: Every fencing project requires the right accessories to ensure proper installation and maintenance. That's why we stock a comprehensive range of fencing accessories, including wire strainers, post drivers, gate fittings, and more. These accessories are essential for achieving a professional and long-lasting fencing solution.

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