Product Size 115.6mm x 72mm x 23.6mm
Display Screen LCD + White Backlight
External Power Range DC8-36V
Recharging Current <150mA
Visible Window Size 57.8×43.4mm
Inside Battery 3.7V500mAH Lithium Battery Rechargable
Wire Length 100-120mm
Waterproof Class IP65
Total Timing 0-99999.99H
A Single Timing 0-99999.99H Can be reset
Total Mileage 0-500000KM
A Single Mileage 0-500000KM Can be reset
Speed Measurement Range 0-399km/h
Speed / Mileage Unit KM/H, M/H, KNOT
Temperature Measurement Range -20-250C
Clock Mode 24H
Timing Error 24H < ±10S
Voltage Measurement Range 8-35V
Display Screen LCD + White Backlight
Inside Battery 3.7V-500mAh Lithium Battery Rechargable